If you’re shooting your video in the knowledge that you may subsequently be producing foreign language versions (regarding translation), here are a few voice over translation tips:

  • When recording your original source language, try to ensure that the dialogue isn’t too fast. If it is, it may not be possible to accommodate the target language versions, that have more expansive and lengthier translation, within the time available on the video.
  • There are some simple pre-recording checks. When preparing your translation script, place the text in a column next to the source language script. A side-by-side comparison should enable you to assess whether the translation is likely to fit to picture.
  • You need to address this issue before you arrive at the recording studio. You do not want to be making amends to the script in the studio with the meter running – it’s very expensive!
  • Make sure the voice-over artist receives the script at least 48 hours before recording begins. This will allow sufficient time to enable him/her to clarify any issues regarding pronunciation, pace and style, etc.
  • Within the time booked for your voice-over artist and studio, ensure that you allow enough time for the voice-over artist to listen to their completed recording before leaving the studio.

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