Time for Change

Time for Change was an historic global event to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s wildlife. The simultaneous event in London, Tokyo and Johannesburg delivered powerful conservation messages and calls to action on tackling the burgeoning illegal wildlife trade.

Transport for London (TfL)

Transport for London (TfL) animation film highlighting the benefits of an online ‘Oyster Card’ account.

Centrica Animation Film

Centrica animation film explaining the distribution of energy to homes and businesses.

World Humanitarian Summit 2016

Film produced to raise awareness for screening at the World Humanitarian Summit 2016.

Food Technology

Produced by the European Commission, this film explains how food technology in Europe meets the highest control standards to keep us safe, our food fresh and tasty, and our economy strong.


Film promoting Luxembourg as a leading world centre of excellence for finance, services and manufacturing.


Product Launch

Glocal Media recorded French and German voices to help promote the launch of Antenna’s AMPchroma mobility suite.

Office Ergonomics

Glocal Media recorded voice-overs in 11 languages for a short animated film concerning ergonomics in the workplace.

Founders Film

Glocal Media recorded a mixture of voice-overs and subtitles in 22 languages for a film about DHL’s founders.

BSL – British Sign Language

An Introduction to BSL

Glocal Media’s guide to including BSL in your video communication.

Raising Awareness

VSO used Glocal Media to provide BSL on a series of films it produced to profile the role of its volunteers in China, Cameroon and Mozambique.

Personal Health Budgets

The Department of Health incorporates BSL to help explain the introduction of personal health budgets within the NHS.