We speak your language!

In terms of the spoken language, one size doesn’t fit all. It’s vital that accent, dialect and speech are all taken into account when communicating your message to a new language or culture and words are delivered with accuracy and expertise.

Our professional voice over experts are able to match your brief in over 200 languages worldwide.

Our locations in London’s West End and Media City, Manchester enable us to attract the best quality and range of professional voice-over artists to help to bring your content to life.

Our vast experience in interpreting your brief ensures we will match your requirements for tone, speed and enunciation. It’s this – along with our comprehensive service including script translation, studio recording facilities and project management – that brings our loyal clients back time and again.

We can record your voice-over to picture and either deliver you a timed WAV file to drop into your edit or mix the VO recording back to video together with any music and effects tracks.

If you have a voice-over requirement and would like to receive further information regarding planning your recording and selecting your preferred voice-over artist(s) from our then please click on the relevant link below for a selection of some of our most popular voices:

Other languages available upon request.