Translation & Transcreation

Never lost in translation!


Here at Glocal Media, our extensive network of professionally accredited linguists allows us to translate in over 200 languages, including the most complex and obscure. This is increasingly essential in a polyglot world with its large diversity of multicultural communities.

Our highly skilled translators will ensure that your message is not only accurate, but also prepared in the correct register of language and containing the appropriate level of formality, tone and structure.

Whatever format your content takes, whatever application, sector or language you require, we can help.

Typically, we will translate:

  • Subtitles
  • Voice-over scripts
  • Video rushes
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Artist release and consent forms


Transcreation is a term used chiefly by advertising and marketing professionals to refer to the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context. Increasingly, transcreation is used in global marketing and advertising campaigns as advertisers seek to transcend the boundaries of culture and language. It also takes account of images which are used within a creative message, ensuring that they are suitable for the target local market.

Our transcreation service helps clients to deliver powerful, engaging marketing and advertising copy to localised markets worldwide. Working with our global network of transcreators based in their native country we can help you to leap the language barrier.

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