Transcreation Services

Creative translation!

What is transcreation?

As the word suggests, transcreation is a combination of two words: translation and creation.

Is transcreation a new concept?

The concept of transcreation was first developed in the mid-20th century. But it’s in the last decade that the term has become more universal and many advertising agencies now offer this service to their multinational clients.

Transcreation requirements can include slogans, straplines, calls to action, etc – created to increase brand impact and awareness.

Transcreation = Translation + Creation
Transcreation: Emotion, Language, Audience and Culture

Transcreation vs Translation

How does transcreation differ from translation?

  • Transcreation incorporates the emotional part of the message. As consumers, we tend to believe that logic dictates whether we buy goods or services. However, extensive research has shown that we react emotionally (happy, sad, angry, fearful, etc) before thinking through a decision logically.
  • Transcreation often uses more concise language in comparison to broader translation content, and will include a creative brief.
  • Transcreation usually takes the form of a global advertising message, enabling agencies and brands to successfully reach their target audience.
  • In addition to preserving the accuracy and context of any advertising message, transcreation also needs to reflect cultural sensitivity.

So, how can Glocal Media help?

We realise transcreation is a challenge and requires not only the expert linguistic skills of the translator but their creative ability to think ‘outside the box’ whilst preserving the original objective of the message. If you have a global brand you will need to adapt your message (perhaps only a few words) to transcend many cultural boundaries and sensitivities.

In order to ensure we can satisfy your transcreation brief, we will supply you with three alternative versions of the transcreated content, per language.

Each language version will also include a back translation to the source language.

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