Worried about maintaining the integrity of your message in its transfer to subtitles? That’s why you should choose Glocal Media. As a subtitling agency, we’re hugely experienced in the art of maintaining clarity for even the most complex messages. Commercial organisations, government agencies, and charities all take full advantage of our professional subtitling expertise – why not join them?

Why your content should have our subtitling:

There’s a massive market in terms of those who benefit from subtitling of course – over 9 million with some hearing loss in the UK and over half a billion with English as a second language worldwide. We create English and multilingual professional subtitling in order to bring accessibility to everything you do  – and all of this is rigorously checked for quality.

We can deliver to you:

  • Standalone subtitle files – e.g. SMI, BITMAP
  • An encoded master video file – e.g. ProRes, MOV, WMV
  • A fully authored DVD with language selection, menu and artwork