British Sign Language (BSL)

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British Sign Language (BSL) is a visual form of communication using hands, facial expression and body language mainly accessed by people who are deaf and hearing impaired. It is a fully recognised sign language translation service and is independent of spoken English. BSL is often used in conjunction with subtitles to increase accessibility for the 11 million people in the UK who suffer some form of hearing loss. Whilst the large majority of deaf or hearing impaired viewers rely on the use of subtitles when viewing audio-visual content, some 150,000 people use BSL as an alternative. If you have a request for BSL we can help create this with our BSL sign language translation service.

The procedure couldn’t be simpler:

Send us your script and video file and we’ll create the sign language translation.

Once the recording is complete we’ll either deliver your signed video file on a blue/green screen background or encode the recording to your video.

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Whatever your requirements Glocal Media has the answer. We can sign your company’s CEO or CFO message to stakeholders or your training, corporate communication, product promotion and brand awareness videos.

In addition to traditional broadcast channels and online video players such as Vimeo and YouTube, we can match your BSL specifications for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

So why choose Glocal Media?  Well, we can guarantee:​

Knowledge and Experience

We take a highly consultative approach to our clients’ requirements and manage projects meticulously to ensure we meet your specification.


Our clients are busy people with tight deadlines so we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner they can trust to consistently deliver on time, every time.

Personal Touch

Whether you are an invidual or a FTSE 100 company the quality of customer service they receive does vary. Our personal touch and enthusiasm for what we do means we have built up an extremely loyal client base over the years.

Honesty and Transparency

We’ll never promise what we can’t deliver, simply to win your business. Once you have signed off on a quote, there’ll be no hidden costs added to your invoice.

If you have a project that requires our services and want to talk it through,
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