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Working with experts in financial, legal, media and medical sectors, we offer written and audiovisual transcription. Our audio transcription services guarantee consistent accuracy in both verbatim transcription and edited summaries, despite the fast turnaround often required. If speed is of the essence today, why not contact us and take advantage of our audio transcription services and our three hour quote return.

Typical Projects:

  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Presentations
  • Meetings & Interviews
  • Lectures
  • Video Rushes & Scripts
  • Radio Programmes
  • Speeches
  • Teleconferences & Webcast

Types of transcript

Verbatim Transcript

A complete record of every sound or utterance on the recording, which will include shouting, laughter, pauses, ambient sound, etc. Verbatim transcripts are often requested by the legal profession and the police for interviews and statements.

Intelligent Transcript

Certain elements are omitted if they add no meaning to the script.  Examples would include coughs, stutters, repetitions, false starts, etc. This is the level used for most transcription work, for example, interviews and group discussions.

Edited Transcript

The transcriber will transcribe the main parts of each sentence, and make informed decisions on what to leave in and what to take out in order to retain the structure of the sentence but shorten wherever possible and adjusted if necessary, adding words in to complete sentences.

Timecoded transcript 

This provides a marker where you can find the text that matches the audio or video moment you are looking for. Timecode is helpful for video editors as it speeds up the editing process.

Foreign language transcripts 

The options are similar to the above. However, there is often a requirement for foreign language transcripts to then be translated into English. This is frequently requested by organisations operating in the audio visual sector.

On occasion video content producers may request more frequent timecodes, for example, every sentence. In these instances it may be more cost effective and accurate to request subtitles. These can be delivered in a variety of file formats compatible with most video editing platforms such as Premiere and Final Cut. Most frequently requested subtitle file formats include SRT, VTT, XML & STL.

What type of transcription do I require?

The answer will usually be determined by the subject matter for your audio transcription.

For example, transcriptions of a legal nature, typically used in interviews conducted by solicitors, insurers and the police would support a verbatim transcript.

Conversely, a presentation by a company CEO to stakeholders would be best served by an intelligent transcription by removing any coughs, splutters, false starts, repetition, etc.

A video editor would be most likely to request a time coded transcript to help cross reference the video or audio file and therefore assist with editing decisions.

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