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How can translation help your business?

Many businesses have an array of communication needs, many of which are global. Regardless of what industry you are in, the chances are you have a global market. People from all over the world are looking at, using and talking about your products or services. Having a global audience means the way you communicate to […]

Glocal Media Supports Korda’s Cause To Help Fight Skin Cancer

Glocal Media are pleased to support and make a donation to their client Korda for this worthwhile cause to help fight skin cancer. Please watch the video about their unique clothing range to find out more: All profits from this range of clothing will go to support the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund –

The British Heart Foundation

Glocal Media is delighted to be working with ‘The British Heart Foundation’ in providing translation, subtitling and voice-over services for its ‘Call, Push, Rescue’ films. The films will be completed shortly and available to view on our Vimeo platform. The British Heart Foundation is a charity working to end heart disease and the films are […]

So, How Much Do You Know About Luxembourg?

Visiting Luxembourg anytime soon? In the heart of Europe lies a landlocked country that welcomes diversity like no other. Combining the best of all worlds and creating a living environment for people from over 170 countries, is the country of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Living a multicultural society every day due to 46% of […]

Voice-Over Translation And Recording To Picture

If you’re shooting your video in the knowledge that you may subsequently be producing foreign language versions (regarding translation), here are a few voice over translation tips: When recording your original source language, try to ensure that the dialogue isn’t too fast. If it is, it may not be possible to accommodate the target language […]

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