Thank you Marina Brunello for the wonderful testimonial from all of us at Glocal Media Limited
‘Working with Glocal Media is always a pleasure. I’ve truly enjoyed the subject matters and project types the friendly and professional team of subtitling project managers send my way. Communication and organisation is key in subtitling and translation projects and I think the Glocal Media Team is excellent in both of them. On top of this, they are one of the few agencies that strive to provide feedback to translators and subtitlers and this has definitely made me grow as a language professional. I would 100% recommend working with them.’ #subtitling #language #translation #translators
Marina Brunello
Professional Translator
MA in Applied Translation Studies

For further information take a look at our website page:Translation is an art and our team of professional translators can help you to ensure your message is crafted to convey the same meaning in every language, across every territory. They will adapt your content to any market paying particular attention to the register and tone of language, cultural values and nuances.