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Glocal Media rebrands as Global Voices Media, a Global Voices company


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Project Manager Required

Permanent position for busy and expanding media services company specialising in the provision of subtitling, voice-over and translation services.

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What do we do?

Good idea! You’ve decided to improve the impact and reach of your message by putting it into other languages. We’re guessing you need accessible prices, high quality results and fast turnaround? Excellent, you’ve come to the right place with Glocal Media’s subtitling and voice-over agency services.

Based in London’s West End and Media City, Manchester we have been trading since 2004 and have a pretty impressive pedigree.

Our services…

  • Translation
  • Transcreation
  • Subtitling for the hearing impaired
  • Multilingual subtitling
  • Voice-over recording
  • Transcription of audio & video content
  • DVD/Blu-ray subtitling, authoring, navigation & menu design
  • Proofreading & QC

The growth of digital communication has
transformed your ability to get the message
across. Your target customers and clients can
be instantly accessed wherever they are in the
world – and global reach is suddenly a
distinct possibility with our subtitling service and voice-over agency.

Except for one small thing – the language barrier.
Fortunately that’s a barrier that we’re well used to negotiating
on behalf of our clients with our subtitling service and voice-over agency. We help you to leap this in a single
bound, whilst keeping strictly to time and budget.

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